Celebrities that smoke fake cigarettes

If you’ve looked into quitting smoking, you may have heard about the “fake” cigarettes that celebrities smoke. A significant number of celebrities replace their regular cigarettes with electronic ones when they’re trying to break their smoking habits. Many of them have reported great results. So just who smokes these electronic cigarettes? Read on to find out.

Critically acclaimed actor Leonardo DiCaprio traded his regular cigarettes for fake ones long ago. DiCaprio credits his electronic cigarettes for helping him break his smoking habit. He may enjoy an e-cigarette every now and then, but he never smokes the real thing!

Adorable One Direction star Zayn Malik was recently photographed smoking an electronic cigarette. He has a significant number of young fans, and it’s great that they can see him working to give up such an unhealthy habit. Hopefully, his e-cigarettes will get him to give up the real thing for good.

Maybe Zayn Malik learned about his fake cigarettes from Simon Cowell, the man that made him a star. Cowell has repeatedly talked about his love for smoking, and how difficult it was for him to quit. However, he’s been able to successfully wean himself off of tobacco with the help of electronic cigarettes. Now, instead of smoking tobacco, he smokes water.

Singer Bruno Mars has a beautiful voice, and it’d be a shame to see him ruin that by smoking. That’s one reason why he’s decided to give up his smokes and start using electronic cigarettes. Mars said that it was his mother that convinced him to switch to e-cigarettes. It’s great he’s making such a healthy choice.

Johnny Depp is an actor with a huge fanbase. Hopefully, his fans will take note of what he’s smoking! Depp loves electronic cigarettes and has been photographed using them several times. Reports say that he wanted to give up smoking for his children.

Pop-star Britney Spears hasn’t been the model of health, but she’s working to get on the right track. She was once photographed smoking tobacco cigarettes alongside her sons, but now, she’s only photographed smoking a healthy electronic alternative. It’s great to see Britney making such healthy changes.

Model Kate Moss is someone else who’s striving to change her unhealthy ways. Moss has struggled with a number of unhealthy habits, but she no longer struggles with cigarettes. She’s given up tobacco for e-cigs, and she seems very happy with her choice.

Grey’s Anatomy star Katharine Heigel is another celebrity who’s made a cigarette switch. She’s admitted to being a big smoker in the past, but electronic cigarettes have helped her to kick that nasty habit. She hasn’t been spotted with a real cigarette for a very long time.

Jack Nicholson is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, and it’s great to see him smoking electronic cigarettes. His switch is helping bring awareness to a healthy alternative. Maybe his smoking habits will influence others to make the change.

E-cigarettes aren’t just enjoyed by people in the entertainment business. The president himself has given electronic cigarettes a try. Apparently, both he and several other politicians were given the fake cigarettes by a company that wants people in politics to give up smoking. Both he and John Boehner gave the e-cigs a try!

Some celebrities love e-cigarettes so much that they want to tell the world about them. Jenny McCarthy and Stephen Dorff have both appeared in ads that encourage people to give up their tobacco cigarettes for fake ones. Hopefully, these commercials make a positive impact!

This is one situation where copying celebrities is a smart move! Replace your regular cigarettes with “fake” electronic ones. It’s healthier, and is one of the easiest ways to quit. E-cigarettes are a great investment in your health.